Totally Auto is here to be a strong voice…

We were formed to provide a fresh, comprehensive and diverse new automotive media platform.

Combining a number of independent media outlets, we have managed to bring together voices and opinions from a range of different backgrounds and mindsets.

Media outlets cover syndicated radio segments and podcasts, web content, video and e-magazines.

This is something no other automotive media outlet can boast.

Covering the full spectrum of vehicles, from heavy trucks to scooters, Totally Auto provides automotive businesses with a ‘one stop shop’ to meet their advertising requirements.

Over time, we will continue to develop and grow with a view to exploring possible joint content platform opportunities, as well as potential resource sharing opportunities.

Totally Auto is managed by Rob Fraser.

If you would like more info about us, or would like to find out about being part of Totally Auto, feel free to send us a message via our Contact page.

Our Team

Rob Fraser EditorRob Fraser – Chief Editor and General dogsbody 

Rob along with Joel Helmes was responsible for bringing together a number of independent media outlets under the one structure.  Taking on the role of overall responsibility for the strategy and direction, he sometimes wonders about his sanity.

However he firmly believes the industry needs a strong independent multi media outlet group as an alternative to the existing dominant corporate backed outlets.

Central to this belief is the role outlets such as those associated with Totally Auto can play in helping buyers make educated buying decisions.

He first learned to drive on the farm in a left hand drive WW11 Jeep when he was 11, and was hooked on 4WDriving way back then. In addition to 4WD he is an avid motoring enthusiast and has maintained a strong interest in the industry ever since his teens. He has owned way too many cars in his time as well. Having previously lived at the top of corporate life he retired in 2000 and hasn’t put a suit and tie on since. Cars are his passion so why not have a business doing what you love he figures.

He has towed either a caravan or camper trailer to, or camped in, most parts of Australia, has run guided tours for camper trailers’ and instructed drivers in off road towing and 4WDriving.

Often known for taking the 4WD in the driveway over the sports car, he has traveled pretty much everywhere in Australia and when he is bored goes for a drive.

In addition to his editorial and management duties he writes for OzRoamer, Ute Guide, Car Review Central, Ute and Van Guide, AnyAuto, Prestige Car Guide as well as contributing to the Motoring Minutes and Overdrive Radio program. He would love to do  more videos, but time and a less than attractive face prevents this.

David Brown – Freelance Contributor

David’s boyhood passion for motor cars did not immediately lead to a professional role in the motor industry but rather first he worked in the fields of why we travel and how we move about. A qualified Civil Engineer he specialised in traffic engineering and transport planning.

What followed were various positions including being seconded to a government think-tank for the planning of transport firstly in Sydney and then for the whole of NSW. After working with the NRMA and as a consultant he has moved to being an independent writer and commentator on the broader areas of transport and the more specific areas of the cars we drive.

His half hour motoring program “Overdrive” has been described as an “informed, humorous and irreverent look at motoring and transport from Australia and overseas”. It is heard on 40 plus stations across Australia. He does weekly interviews with several ABC radio stations and is also heard on commercial radio in Sydney.

David has written for metropolitan and regional newspapers and has presented regular segments on metropolitan and regional television stations. He continues to write for his transport blog Driven Media and is a regular presenter at local and international transport seminars and conferences.

David contributes to Motoring Minute daily segments, produces Overdrive, as well as writing for AnyAuto and Car Review Central and manages the occasional video as well for AnyAutoTV.

Alan Zurvas – Freelance Contributor

Alan’s interest in cars began in his early teens and has been a member of several car clubs having owned a number of classic cars himself.

He has a background in the corporate sector and has reviewed everything from restaurants to theatre and accommodation before settling on motoring.

Alan brings a unique flavour to his reviews that is different to any of the other contributors. He founded and continues to write for Gay Car Boys as well as being a welcome contributor to AnyAuto, AnyAutoTV and the radio segments. We lovingly refer to Alan as our resident ham, coming from his love of being in front of the camera for our video reviews.

Joel_HelmesJoel Helmes – Motoring Minute segment producer

Joel built his relationship with cars learning about car maintenance in his childhood. His true passion though is trucks and has experience driving for Linfox amongst other roles. He has even  driven the dreaded school bus.

He founded Behind the Wheel after recognising a hole in the market, before selling the daily radio segments to Rob Fraser to have an easier life with his two beloved daughters.

He has a history as a radio broadcaster and producer and continues to produce the daily Motoring Minute segments.

The only thing Joel is more passionate about than cars are the Wests Tigers and his two beautiful girls.

Anthony-HoodAnthony Hood – Freelance Contributor

Anthony is an avid motoring enthusiast. His interests lie in performance cars, street rods, drag racing, 4WDriving and camping, burn out competitions, circuit racing and hill climbs. He is our resident hoon with heaps of experience.

Married with three children and a qualified diesel mechanic and fitter, he has worked in the industry since leaving school over 24 years ago. His sheds are full of race cars and engines in various stages of working order.

Anthony doesn’t get caught up in the marketing hype of the automotive industry and is fairly blunt. He brings a very laid back approach to reviewing vehicles.

Anthony contributes to AnyAuto, OzRoamer, Ute Guide for us.

Peter_BarnwellPeter Barnwell – Freelance Contributor

Peter (AKA Barney) is a contributor to Car Review Central working freelance across print and digital publications.

With a history as a motoring editor for News Limited Community Newspapers for 20 years, Pete has a wealth of experience and loves his cars; owning them, racing them and working on them.

He’s an athletic guy having been a professional rugby league player and likes cycling and swimming.

Brianna FraserBrianna Fraser – Freelance Contributor and event catering

Brianna is qualified in the Hospitality, Beauty and Child Care industries but still finds time to be our resident gourmet chef. She provides the most magnificent meals when the mood takes her.

Her camp oven damper made at Ute weekends and camping trips has to be tasted to be believed.

In addition to that, she has a particular affinity with off road driving and has been driving since she was 9 years on the same farm as Rob learned to drive on. Unusually for one so young she is exceptionally competent with off road driving, keeping up with drivers that many more years experience. Brianna is currently compiling her own bush cook book along with her other catering and event management business interests.

She contributes to AnyAuto and brings a perspective about what younger buyers, especially female buyers want in a car.


Neil Dowling – Freelance Contributor

Cars have been the corner stone to Neil’s passion, beginning at pre-school age, through school but then pushed sideways while he studied accounting.

It was rekindled when he started contributing to magazines including Bushdriver and then when he started a motoring section in Perth’s The Western Mail.

He was been a finance editor, motoring editor and has worked with a whos who of automotive outlets over the years. He has been freelancing since 2014 and contributes to Car Review Central and Ute and Van Guide for us.

He has involved himself in all aspects of motorsport where he has competed in everything from motocross to motorkhanas and rallies including Targa West and the ARC Forest Rally.

He loves all facets of the car industry, from design, manufacture, testing, marketing and even business structures and believes cars are one of the few high-volume consumables to combine a very high degree of engineering enlivened with an even higher degree of emotion from its consumers.

Pete Wilson – Freelance Contributor

Pete has been a business associate of Rob’s for over 20 years. He has been in the automotive industry for what seems like forever and loathes publicity, hence his extremely low profile.

Often involved in Rob’s misadventures, Pete is never one to mince words and has offended more than one PR person in his time. Sometimes they don’t like the truth.

He hates car launches, photos and marketing hype. Nevertheless he is a wealth of knowledge when we can get him to write for us, but mainly does info pieces and news these days.

Steve-TierneySteve Tierney – Freelance Contributor

Steve has known Rob for nearly thirty years and is a keen 4WDriving enthusiast.

Having recently relocated to the Sunshine Coast and having other business interests he freelances for the Totally Auto  Group. Like almost everyone else here he was first introduced to driving in his early teens on a farm and has family ties to automotive dealerships.

Married with two girls, Steve is actively involved with his local life saving association. The major problem with Steve is getting a serious conversation out of him. His nickname is ‘HAVE A CHAT’.

Alex Marr – Freelance Contributor

Alex joined the team a little while ago and has contributed for both AnyAuto and Ute and Van Guide.

He is a full time logistics manager for a major event management company in NSW and as such brings a totally unique perspective to the practical use of Utes, Vans and smaller trucks as he uses them everyday in his work.

A late bloomer to the automotive field, he is a passionate Rugby and League follower as well as fitness and weight training. He loves the outdoors camping and is an excellent drummer, being a former drum teacher and drummer for a couple of rock bands.

Vicki-FraserVicki Fraser – Accounts Admin and Contributor

Vicki is Rob’s sister. She has traveled extensively throughout Australia and Overseas. She has been on 6 or 7 extended touring holidays around various parts of Australia, either towing a caravan or camping, sometimes for several months at a time.

Whilst Vicki runs her own very successful business in education she is an avid travel enthusiast and writes for us when she can. Oh yes she, also does all the accounts and admin, because Rob is way too slack to do it.

Harold-Wythes-Harold Wythes – Provides testing facilities

Anthony, or he is also known as ‘Harold’, owns the farm where Rob first learned to drive, a 1300 acre hilly paradise of mixed grazing and cropping out beyond Cargo in NSW Central West. He has been a friend of Rob’s for over 56 years.

4WD enthusiasts search for those ‘challenging’ tracks, Harold drives them every day on his farm and does it in a beat up 30 year old Land Rover Ute. This slice of peaceful paradise is often the test ground for AWD & 4WD’s throughout the years and Harold’s input is very pertinent and valuable.

Other occasional Freelance Contributors

Include Emily Middleton and Tahlia Wilson, both 20 something female writers that are super busy so we grab time when we can.